Custom Catering at Affordable Prices

We are a family-owned catering team that provides only the freshest, local ingredients, hand-crafted cooking, sprinkled with our unique whimsical elegance and exceptional service.

Corporate Catering

From start-ups to corporate offices, from east to west, from last minute meetings, to holiday parties, we will feed every ingredient of your company.

Social Catering

From business networking events, to personal milestones, from uptown to downtown, from big to small, we will cater to it all.

Need Meal Prep?

Every week we update our meal prep menu. Take a look at this week's menu on Facebook.

We Love Last Minute Events!

Meet Chef Courtney

She is passionately committed. She creates unique flavor combinations. She loves making simple moments with food. Courtney Whisenhunt Taylor Weil is the root behind Courtney’s Custom Catering. From the local markets of Tampa Bay to the neighborhood shops, Courtney is constantly searching for the best ingredients, flavorful seasonings and inspiring trends. Nothing makes her happier than working with her team to translate these treasures into delicious and distinctive foods for every event and occasion. Her penchant for cooking began at a young age and her dedication and natural talent behind the stove has fueled her desire to constantly dream up new recipes and create her own whimsical food culture. Courtney’s unique relationship with food allows her to turn basic and pure into complex and colorful. Her mission is to turn the simple into your magical food moment.


Are you ready to plan the catering for your next event? Give me a call or send me a message and let’s get started.

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